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Frontend, backend and mobile.

Professional software developed for you.

Because that’s what we do!

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We like to think ahead.

Because you want a solution that suits your business.

We offer our expertise to achieve this!

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We work with the latest software tools.

Because innovation is key to development.

We know our trade!

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Data processing

May sound boring, but it’s the foundation of the business.

We’d like to get to know your data, too!

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We are experts in automotive data.

We have over 17 years of experience in the automotive sector.

We know how to describe a car!

High-quality development, state-of-the-art iOS/Android and browser based solutions

We trust in Flutter/Dart for iOS/Android, Angular, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS at frontend, PHP7/8, RESTful APIs, SOAP and MySQL/MariaDB at the Linux based backend



Our team has been working in the industry for a long time, so we know what’s important.



We know how to work to tight deadlines and meet your demands. And why wouldn’t we?



We are flexible, direct and professional. We know that you expect know-how, not bureaucracy.

Teamwork for our mutual success!



Planning as well as developing applications and system software is our expertise, as we’ve been doing it for many years. In addition, we have experience with various interfaces to other services and have completed many versatile projects.

Our knowledgeable team of software developers and architects will put their heart and soul into developing the right solutions for your business in a timely manner. We always aim at producing applications that are most suitable to your business needs, instead of following the latest hypes.

Based on your requirements, which can also be defined together with your team on-site, we will provide a concept for a solution that will meet your demands!


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  • Professional PHP development for back-end components
  • Angular/HTML5 development for modern front-end solutions
  • Flutter/Dart for modern iOS- and Android apps

  • RESTful APIs using RAML
  • Web services
  • Experience with international projects
  • Linux/MySQL know-how
  • testable and robust software
  • We will listen and think ahead!

  • We want to support your business for the long term!


Actual team profile (5/2021) as PDF: Teamprofil-RICHTER-und-POWELEIT-GmbH-EN-2021-05.pdf

Automotive projects

We are specialists for vehicle data-based solutions of all kinds, e.g. Online configurators, buildability tests, VIN queries, mapping between manufacturer data and Schwacke / EurotaxGlass's data stocks. We have designed and developed countless projects and solutions in the automotive environment over the past 20 years.

References & Partnerships

Since 1997 customers have put their trust in Martin Richter, Daniel Poweleit and their team. Their hard work and reliability is particularly valued by their clients. Get in touch if you would like to know more about us!

Database driven projects

We love projects that build on large and complex data models. This is our area of expertise and we welcome any challenge that you might throw at us! We are passionate about database design and will offer support in monitoring and tuning your database. Do you need help with INFORMIX or MySQL migration? You can count on us!

Gardening the other way round!

Your vegetable garden online! In addition to the playfully designed Angular frontend, our team also developed the PHP-based backend and the necessary planting logic and data model for the demanding project. More about this at the IPGarten directly:  https://www.ipgarten.de

Projects we did for Schwacke

We have designed and developed very complex solutions for Schwacke and the Autovista Group over the past 20+ years. The online applications are also used internationally by thousands of customers and are competently supported by our team as L3 support.   www.schwacke.de/produkt

Projects at RBB

For RBB we look after the MySQL instances and the RBB News Archive, a full-text research platform with interfaces for internal news presentations, also as a long-term partner in a specialized area.

Our partner NDCom:


NDCom is a magento and web agency with over 12 years of experience in the development of eCommerce systems and business websites. With NDCom you have a reliable partner for your shop or appearance on the Internet.


Contact us

We look forward to hearing from you:

+49 (0) 8671 92 76 28-0

info[a t]richter-poweleit.de


You can find us in the following locations:

  • 12103 Berlin, Germany
  • 84524 Neuötting, Bavaria, Germany
  • ... or if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you, as soon as it is possible again...